Lua Trigger

Lua Trigger

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BeamNG Lua Trigger can be used to execute custom lua code when entering or exiting them.

Lua trigger in the editor

Enter the level editor (by pressing F11) and navigate to the SceneTree (at the top right corner of the window). Go to the Level tab and open up the BeamNG folder. By double-clicking on the BeamNG Lua Trigger entry you can create a new trigger in your scene.

Property Type Description
name string The name of the trigger. Simple as that!
id number Can be used to add conditions to code to do soemthing with this particular trigger
position Float3F The position of the trigger
rotation Float4F The rotation of the trigger
scale Float3F The scale of the trigger
TriggerType Box or Sphere Defines the shape of the trigger
luaFunction string This code snippet will be called once the vehicle enters/exits the trigger
ticking bool If this property is enabled, the added luaFunction will be called every certain amount of time
tickPeriod number Is the time (in ms) that elapses until the luaFunction gets called again

There are actually some more properties but these are the most important ones.


Lua code example

local function myGravityTrigger (data)
  if data.event == "enter" then

return myGravityTrigger

If you add this code snippet to your lua trigger, the gravity will change to 0 when entering the trigger and will be set back to the default of -9.81 once you exit it again.

Just changing the gravity might be a bit boring over time. So take a look at the lua reference page to see which other opportunities you have.