Making A Custom Configuration

Making A Custom Configuration

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To make a custom configuration in that can be viewed in the vehicle selector, you need 3 files:


"your_config" can be changed to something else, but it must be done for all the files.

The .pc file contains all the information on the colour, parts, and tuning parameters that you select for your configuration. It is easiest to generate this for an existing vehicle by changing parts in-game in the vehicle part selector, and then saving a custom configuration using the menu option. The resulting .pc file will be saved to "Documents\\vehicles\VEHICLE_NAME\" where "VEHICLE_NAME" is the official name of the vehicle (eg. "coupe" for the 200BX, "sbr" for the SBR4, etc.). You can also modify an existing .pc file from an official vehicle if you desire.

The .png file is the image that will be used for the configuration selector. It can be created using the Thumbnail Generator UI App in-game. The resulting image will be saved in the folder location mentioned above.

The .json file is what provides the information seen in the configuration selector, such as the config name, description, and type of drivetrain. To create it, create a blank text file with Notepad or notepad++ and save it as a .json (not a .txt file). An example file is shown below:

   "Configuration":"Police Test (A)",
   "Description":"This is a police test config with an automatic transmission",
   "Performance Class":"6",
   "Config Type":"Police",
   "default_color":"Pearl White"

If you want to know the available color options go to the vehicle selector and hover your mouse over the default colors. Then type the color you want your config to have into the "default_color" in the .json. If you want a custom color, you can put a user-generated color as well. You can change all the other options too. "Value" seems to determine how far down in the list the configuration appears. For more information, open up one of the .json files for one of the official vehicles.

Once all three files are created, they must be put into a folder. This folder must follow the format below:

"vehicles\VEHICLE_NAME\(insert 3 files here)"

Creating the .pc file and .png file should have created the correct folder structure in "Documents\" for the vehicle you are creating a configuration for. If not, it is straightforward to create the folder structure. If you wish to package this as a mod to distribute to others, use the following structure:

"\vehicles\VEHICLE_NAME\(insert 3 files here)"

The .zip file can then be placed in "Documents\\mods" or uploaded to the mod repository (subject to approval)

Tutorial taken from here: