Packaging Mods

Packaging Mods

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How to Package a Mod

1. Go to your mod's directory. (ex. Documents\\mods\unpacked\YOURMOD)

Step 1.jpg

2. Right click on the "vehicles" or "levels" folder > send to > compressed (Zipped) folder

Step 2.png

3. When it's finished zipping, rename the .zip to your mod's name

Step 3.jpeg

4. Upload :)

Folder Structure

For a vehicle, use the path "\vehicles\YOURMOD\"
For a configuration, use the path "\vehicles\OFFICIAL VEHICLE\" But replace official vehicle with barstow, super, van, etc.
For a map, use the path "\levels\YOURMOD\"
For a scenario, use the path "\levels\MAP\" But replace map with the map of your scenario.