Simple skin tutorial

Simple skin tutorial

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Simple Skins Tutorial

Skin Sample Example Project.png


  • Download the sample skin here.
  • An installed image editor which can edit *.dds files. For this tutorial we'll use, it's a free image editor.

Let's Start :

  • 1. Open, open "Mods"

Skin tutorial.jpeg

  • 2. Open the skin_sample_hatch

Skin tutorial 2.jpeg

  • 3. Unpack it

Skin tutorial 3.jpeg

  • 4. Open in explorer

Skin tutorial 3b.jpeg

(and then you can exit

You should have an explorer window open called "skin_sample_hatch"

Skin tutorial 4.jpeg

  • 5.Search the file, it's under vehicles / hatch / yourskinfolder

Skin tutorial 5a.jpeg

  • 6.Open this file with

You can see a flattened version of the car

Skin tutorial 5.jpeg

Now you can add image, edit, change colors; let your creativity flow! Just keep the original proportion of the image (2048x2048) for the Covet

Skin tutorial 7.jpeg

7. Save the file (overwrite

You can now start and then you can find your skin on the part selector

Skin tutorial 8.jpeg

Now you have your own skin, enjoy it :)

More advanced Skin:

Once you're familiar with you can start to create your skins from UV files included in the game.

The UV of the covet is at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\\content\vehicles\\vehicles\hatch\hatch_skin_UVs.png, make a copy and then you can edit your copy.

Skin tutorial 9.jpeg

Share your Skin:

Uploading Mods

See also

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