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Thrusters are defined by two Nodes and can be mapped to most keys on your keyboard. The direction is defined by the two Nodes you have chosen.


Name Type Optional Default Value Description
id1 string NOk n/a The first node name
id2 string NOk n/a The second node name
factor float NOk n/a Thruster Force
thrustLimit float NOk n/a Thruster Limit
control float NOk n/a Associated electrics channel (or keyboard key, deprecated)

Example Thruster section inside Jbeam

    "thrusters": [
        ["id1:", "id2:"],
        {"factor": 1000},
        {"thrustLimit": 1000},
        {"control": "T"},
        ["node1", "node2"],

Placement and direction

Think of node1 as the top of the rocket, and node2 as the base when placing your thrusters, the thrust will start at the top and shoot downwards.

Thruster placement