User:KJP12/Guide for Newcomers

User:KJP12/Guide for Newcomers

From BeamNG

Guide for Newcomers to (based off of Fera's Guide.)

Based off of Fera's Guide[1], I bring you a link to give to newcomers!

Do note:

  1. These do not include the official rules. This is here to help newcomers have their nice stay. For the terms and rules, click here. For the forum rules, click here.
  2. This is for the site If you are given this for the wiki, do not use.


Going downhill

If a thread starts going down hill, jump the thread ASAP. You do not want to get caught in a ban wave.

Weird trends

If a new and weird trend start going around, just steer clear of it. We don't need the "Duck Incident" 2.

Quality Posts

Take your time

Take the time you need to create a good, quality post.

Reread the post!

You can catch so many mistakes that way. Best to have a nice post.

Spell words correctly

Self explanatory. Spell words correctly.

Thread Rules

If there are rules to the thread, follow them. Makes it easier for everyone.


One Star Review

Do not rate 1 star for mods that do not work. It tends to get people mad. If the mod is still supported, try putting what's wrong with the mod in the discussion tab of the mod's resource page.

"Russian" Mods

These mods tend to not work, have been stolen, or is a virus. Never use those mods for those very reasons. Especially if they are .EXE files or come in a weird icon!

The Developers & Moderators

Be nice to them

Be nice to them. They hold the ban hammer, although, they are pretty fair.

Do not swear

The moderators do not like people swearing.


Make friends

Good things happen!

Think it is funny to post?

If you think something is funny to post, think through it. We don't need the "Duck Incident" 2, and getting banned wouldn't be fun.

Don't be a jerk

No one likes jerks.

Please don't bring up the following

Former members in someone's signature

If there is any former member in someone's signature, don't go asking about it. It can disrupt the entire community. No one likes being reminded of the horrid past.


  1. Fera's Profile Information