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"I am the one who edits Performance Tables!"
Manufacturer Homo Sapiens
Production 1991 - Present
Slogan Show me respect, I will show you respect
Body and Chassis
Class 6ft
Body style Male
Layout Two-leg, two-arm

My Intro

Average 29 year old individual, also is high functioning Autistic, stubborn to the point of being stubborn beyond belief, if you show respect for me I will show you the same respect back

My long bio

I found BeamNG Drive after hearing about it on the Automation forums back in October 2013 and I started playing with it and back at the time it was in the 0.3.0 build those are fond memories for me but at that time I wasnt running the best of computers probably one of the absolute WORST computers on the forum, with an already old Wolfdale Processor in it, I struggled on for a few months before I quit gaming all together on my computer till I got a slight upgrade to a certain Haswell-E Chipset and I have come back to PC gaming without too much of a hassle. As you may have noticed I have an extremely complicated personality, I find it difficult to explain things and find REASONABLE answers to problems its all down to my personality so accept that I am different and there are some things that do offend me but I try not to get into a rant about it so be accepting of what I am dealing with and we can get on well...

That's enough personal stuff now onto the BeamNG Drive stuff. I am doing mod reviews if you have a mod and you want a very witty video done about it just come to me and ask me to do a review of your mod I wont be negative about it after all that drives down ratings and I want to keep my ratings up and happy, if you make me laugh and burst into fits of the giggles bonus points there!!

As for other games I play well....Freecell, Wreckfest, GTR2, Project Cars 1, Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa with lots of mods installed hehe, Red Bull X2010 is awesome with the S1 upgrades :D, Porsche 917/30 Spyder with enough power to make any F1 driver cry to his mummy...yeah...that's what I thought at first, I have got a Porsche 919 Hybrid Evil a tweaked version of the 919 Evo but that takes the X2010 to school its faster and far more brutal than anything and the mod author removed the tweaked version 1.8 that I got because it was too's not unstable its just freakish fast!

As from my previous updates, well I haven't done much really just been keeping a very low profile while doing work and stuff but that's a long story there, currently unemployed and I am working out on my own how to do the BSFC formula, which is turning into a bit of a complex for me so I am trying to take a break form it well not for very long I am looking at data flow analysis to see where each part of the apps get the information from. Another update for you guys, I am the person who's been going through and fixing all the information in the Official content page with the performance tables, its been a really good fun challenge for me and I do enjoy it alot because well it allows me to use the information given to me, the only minute thing that annoys me is that none of the performance data in the info section is organized each file is very different and that somewhat annoys me...

Other details about me well, since I have covered quite a lot in the previous few paragraphs about my IT and gaming side, what else do I need to say, nothing too personal I expect, I have passed my driving test back on the 13th July 2015 after 2 failed attempts but I didn't get driving till 1 week later so I am rather proud of myself for getting that, currently I drive a 2010 Volvo V60 D5 SE LUX, it's a good car, lovely engine with lots of lovely juicy torque, although I have to be careful in wet conditions of spinning the front tyres up and my dad thinks me a street racer for the odd mentions of wheel spin but really I drive like a grandfather unless I have seen another driver ahead of me and then I just want to make sure I am ahead of them so they don't cause me a problem that's my only time I don't drive like an old man but thats on the rare occasions when I feel that its needed for me to make a move to avoid myself getting involved in an accident, I am very safe out on the roads I keep myself and my car safe. As of June 2017 I am allowed to drive a 2013 Jaguar XF 3L V6 SC but I have to be with my parents for that, its just the clause in the insurance which I read and re-read to make sure of it and so far I have logged about 1100 miles in the car, its odd going from a Manual to an Auto for me but all I have to remember is to weld my left foot to the floor and forget it.

As for other things well, taking a bit of a break from doing work on the forums, waiting for the next update to come out with new cars (hopefully) so I can do the performance table....Yeah I am that guy who does those tables, if one person does them, then you don't have to worry about quality control, it falls on the shoulders of one person, so if everyone keeps that way then it's my responsibility for them, every one of them takes me between 5 minutes to edit or 5 hours to rebuild from scratch, if multiple people edit them, it goes from order to absolute chaos and I like order and precision in my tables, every table is built the same way using the same units and I have a hatred of lbs within the tables, I use metric (where its needed) and imperial for the top speed only, I refuse to use LBS because it gives me a MAJOR headache, so please if you read this and your one of those who thinks about editing the performance tables....DONT...leave it to me please, then I will respect your edits elsewhere but if I see one use of LBS I will strip it out and make a note of it with a slightly annoyed statement in the "Summary:" section okay, so try to remember that, every table is identical in the nature of the information given and every table looks the same as a result of it and that is how it should be okay


  • Works in IT as a systems administrator
  • Generally speaks like a fool
  • Bit of a moron at times
  • A Reclusive person in the real world keeps to himself