Vehicle Creation Megapage

Vehicle Creation Megapage

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General Guides
Vehicle Creation Guide A brief step-by-step guide which explains the very basics of vehicle creation.
Introduction to Vehicle Creation Step-by-step instructions for creating a basic jBeam vehicle.
JBeam Physics Theory A fundamental introduction to the theory behind jBeam vehicles.
JBeam Introduction An overview of many jBeam components.
Vehicle Creation Workflow A detailed article demonstrating the workflow that the developers use to model and texture vehicles.
Construction Guide General tips and workflow for creating a jBeam structure.
Modeling and Texturing Guide Information and tips for creating and texturing 3D vehicle models for BeamNG.
Example Projects Example projects to help get aspiring modders started.
JBeam Templates A layout template that can be used to make your own vehicles.
Simple Mod Slot Tutorial A guide on how to create mods using slots.
0.8 Mod Conversion Guide Some information on converting vehicles to 0.8.
0.11 Mod Conversion Guide Some information on converting vehicles to 0.11.

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Special Structures
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Flexbodies and Materials
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About Vehicle Megapage

About Vehicle Megapage (needs updating when page design is finalised)