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This page is meant for modders who would like to keep the jbeam part of their mods up-to-date like current official content. Some changes won't influence an older jbeam, some do.


  • New centerdiff/frontdiff as subpart of the transfer case > affects presets
  • The license plate is changed, all license plate mods will be broken
  • Tweaked many thermal values in engine parts
  • Added exhaust manifold thermals to all vehicles
  • Changed sections of the esc (electronic stability control). This part is WIP and prone to changes!
    • Small change of the structure of the different configurations (mind the brackets and the position of the name)
    • Added the order of configuration
    • Added strings: proportionalFactor, integralFactor and maxIntegralPart
    • Removed strings: desiredSteeringYawRateMultiplier, brakeForceExponent and maxSteerAngle
  • Disabled default abs in the suspension jbeams and added as a ABS slot to the vehicle.
  • Many missing links were made 'optional' (doesn't show in the console as missing)
  • Interior slot moved into the body > affects presets
  • Door panels made optional for the Moonhawk and the Barstow


  • New 'van_upfit' slot to the vans short frame
  • Improved various suspensions; D-series, Barstow, Moonhawk, modern Pessima
  • Added tow hitches; 200BX, Pigeon, Bolide, SBR4
  • Added skinnable UV skin for the ETK800
  • Added the chase camera section to every vehicle


  • Added different off-road tires, current ones are renamed, presets may be broken
  • Rally lights and roofrack textures & meshes moved to the common directory, materials of mods might be broken
  • ETK engine .DAE, textures and jbeams moved to the common directory, materials of mod might be broken.
  • ETK engine jbeam names changed ("etk800_engine_##" to "etk_engine_##") presets may be broken

  • T-series wheels and rimes separated, new steel wheels used as default.
  • T-series engine now has a turbo slot
  • Changed leaf spring design on multiple vehicles (T-, D-, H-series, Roamer, Burnside, Barstow etc). Front and/or rear. Old/Modded spring jbeams will be broken.
  • Tweaked front steering on Pickup, van, mods may have alignment issues
  • Torque Curve app now shows the real crankshaft torque (torque curve after internal friction losses). Engine torque was previously over estimated in the app. Now cars will show a lower more realistic value.
  • Engine curves on some cars were modified after discovering lower than expected crankshaft torque.

  • Lots of sounds added to meshes with deformgroups like glass and lights
  • Towhitches added to many vehicles
  • External camera section changed in every vehicle
  • Propulsed arguments removed from vehicles, some custom AWD mods might be broken

  • Textures with non-gpu compressed texture formats (.png, .jpg) won't function anymore. Use .DDS for example.
  • Textures with non-power of two resolution and smaller than 16 pixels won't function anymore.


  • New GPS displays, added slot and nodegroup, mainly in body jbeams
  • New 'lightbar' function, it is toggled with the key 'M'. Used to enable police lightbars and beacons.
  • New kind of beam: LBEAM. Used in tires but also in leafsprings. E.g. the Van's and pickup rear springs are adjusted to work with Lbeams. JBeam_Reference#L-Beam
  • New engine overheating function & exhaust gas rerouting Wiki: Engine Thermal Simulation
    • engine jbeams have new functions
    • body jbeams have radiator beams and deformgroups
    • exhaust jbeams have special exhaust beams

  • Lightbar textures moved to the common directory
  • 'runninglight' function is being used again
  • Boxed trucks are making use of new functions (doorL & doorR) instead of the parkingbrake to open up
  • Van's reardoors can be openened using hydros (functions doorL & doorR)

  • Isolated the slot nodeoffsets, no need to set the nodeoffset to 0 anymore in other parts
  • All vehicles now have a 'near empty' main jbeam to make it easier to add a new unofficial bodystyle or frame
  • All vehicles now have a 'mod slot' to make it easier to add a new unofficial part
  • Increasing number of vehicles with a tow hitch
  • Increasing number of vehicles with 'pos0' line included with the mesh name. This adds the ability to move the part using the nodeoffset function.
     "flexbodies": [
          ["mesh", "[group]:", "nonFlexMaterials"],
          ["fullsize_trunk", ["fullsize_trunk"],[],{"pos":{"x":0,"y":0,"z":0}}],

< vs

  • Location for unzipped mod files is located to: "...Users\USERNAME\Documents\BeamNG.drive\mods\unpacked\CARNAME\vehicles\CARNAME
  • Multiple jbeams put in the common directory: pickups suspension parts, small trailer, wheels and tires e.g.
  • Suspension, wheels and tires: PressureWheels
    • Almost all tires and rims are separated from each other, except for the T-series rear wheels and trailer wheels
    • A section which was previously inside the wheels & tires combination is taken out and put under the 'wheeldata' slot in the suspension jbeam of a vehicle.
    • The separated rims and tires are moved to the 'common' directory
    • Hubcap slot moved into the wheel jbeam
    • 'hubgroup' added to the pressurewheel function
      The old version is still usable, but the versions cannot be used together.
// OLD:
// NEW:
    • Added adjustable variable tire pressure in the tire jbeams
    • Added adjustable variables like camber and track width in the suspension jbeams

  • Nodes have optional jbeam parameters allowing fire simulation. Wiki: Fire Simulation
  • "disableTriangleBreaking" function; Like the name says it disables the ability to break a coltri. It is disabled by default on most parts but is used e.g. on beams between a door and body.
  • New coltris in edges between parts, for example between a door and the body. It prevents 'catching' of nodes. Use the "disableTriangleBreaking" to have the coltris behave correctly.
  • New "nodeOffset" function; ability to move parts. Extensively being used for the wheels
  • Sounds added to the springs of vehicles

  • 'global scale values' are now set to one for every vehicle. Vehicles using scaled values other than one can still be used, but they can't interchange parts, like wheels. The scaled values of a single vehicle needs to be consistent. If a jbeam doesn't define those values it uses the values from its parent jbeam. An app is available to calculate and implement the new values automatically, contact Diamondback if you want to use it.
    Example of the values:


Vehicle Creation
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