0.8 Mod Conversion Guide

0.8 Mod Conversion Guide

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In version 0.8 we are introducing the new "Powertrain" system, a much more advanced version of the previous "Drivetrain". This is a huge step forward in simulation quality, flexibility, and moddability for the game. To make the new powertrain system work in the official vehicles, we created a totally new way to define engines, gearboxes, shafts, and differentials in jbeam. You can familiarize yourself with the system here : Powertrain.

The Good News:

  • Standalone mods will continue to work without changes to jbeam. (Some lua extensions may pose an issue, as is tradition)

The Bad News:

  • Add-on mods to official vehicles that contain custom engines, transmissions, differentials, may not work properly. The add-on will have old definitions, and the official content will have new definitions. Mixing and matching these two systems in one vehicle was not a problem we could solve.
  • Configuration mods for some vehicles will also need a few lines changed, because we had to update the part slots of 4WD and AWD-capable vehicles.

The Good News:

  • To help modders bring their add-on mods and configurations into 0.8 compatibility, we have written some guides to walk through the changes needed.

We hope that you will take a look at converting your mod to the new system, and along the way, take advantage of the new simulation fidelity and features (engine stop/start, improved limited slip differential, torque converter automatics, center differentials, the list goes on ;) )

0.8 Configuration Conversion Guide

0.8 Add-on Mod Conversion Guide

0.8 Standalone Mod Troubleshooting Guide

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