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What are Slidenodes?

Slidenodes are Nodes that can freely move along a predefined "Rail", which is a sequence of connected Beams.


Rails are the tracks for slidenodes, for a slidenode to work, you need to add links, links are nodes linked together to create a node-to-node track.

  • Rail1 - This is the name of your rail, change it to anything you like
  • links - Links are how you define the "rail", links go from node to node to create a track-like slider.
  • looped - If your rail is a complete circuit, change it to true and it will allow the node to continue circuiting without stopping.
  • capped - Caps add a blocker to the end of your rail, if you don't want your node to slip off the end of the rail, set this to true.

Example of a rail below.

	"rails": {

		  "Rail1":{"links:":["node1", "node2", "node3", "node4"], "looped":false, "capped":true}



Slidenodes are the nodes that slide along your predefined rail.

  • ID - This is the name of the node you want attached to the rail
  • railName - railName links the slidenode to the rail, in this case, we'll be using Rail1.
  • Attached - Specifies if the slidenode will initially be attached to the rail or not.
  • fixToRail - Moves the slidenode to be on the rail (or if tolerance is defined, it moves it close to the rail).
  • tolerance - Distance from the rail before rail forces are applied to the node.
  • spring - Force that holds the node to the rail.
  • strength - Force at which the node will separate from the rail.
  • capStrength - The strength of the caps

Example of a slidenode below.

	"slidenodes": [	

		 ["id:", "railName", "attached", "fixToRail", "tolerance", "spring", "strength", "capStrength"],

		 ["nodename", "Rail1", true, true, 0, 10000000, 100000000, 345435],


Example Project

Example slidenodes.jpg

You can download the example project from here: File:Example

Drag and drop to your /vehicles directory. Slidenode section starts from line 703.

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