Jbeam License Plates

Jbeam License Plates

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To add a licence plate to a vehicle...

Add a slot for it

Add a licence plate slot to whichever component it will be attached to. For example, on the ETK K-Series the front number plates are attached to the front bumper.

The slot type should be set to a reasonable name for the vehicle it is attached to. Make sure it matches the name of the slot item.

"slots": [
    ["type", "default", "description"]
    ["etkc_licenseplate_F","", "Front License Plate"],             <------- This line

Add a licence plate

Add the the following code to the jBeam.

"etkc_licenseplate_F": {
        "name":"Front License Plate",
    "slotType" : "etkc_licenseplate_F",
    "flexbodies": [
         ["mesh", "[group]:", "nonFlexMaterials"],
         ["licenseplate", ["etkc_bumper_F"],[],{"pos":{"x":0.0, "y":-2.22, "z":0.45}, "rot":{"x":0, "y":0, "z":0}, "scale":{"x":1, "y":1, "z":1}}],       <------- Adjust these values

"licenseplate" = Mesh name, Don't touch this, it is the mesh name for Licence Plates in BeamNG.

"etkc_bumper_F" = Node Group, Make sure to set this to the same group as the object the plate is attached to, otherwise it will not follow it in a collision.

Adjust the coordinate values indicated above to ensure that the licence plate is positioned in the correct place on your vehicle. (x = left/right, y = forward/backward, z = Up/Down)

Since 0.13, if "slotType" deos not contain "_licenseplate" , the texture will not be created.

Since 0.15, You can add an attribute like this :

"licenseplateFormat": "52-11",

or "30-15" for North-American plates.

If this attribute is missing but "slotType" contain "_licenseplate", it will default to the North-American plate format.

For other format, please use the convention : Width in centimetre, dash, heigh in centimetre , optional country code (one or two letters). The country code should only be used in rare event where a similar format exist but need a different material.

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