Blender Exporter plugin

Blender Exporter plugin

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Warning: Guide is outdated for 0.2.0

I will update this guide soon.


Minimum Requirement

  1. Blender 2.62 or more :

Tested on Blender 2.69 and 2.71

Recommended Requirement

  1. GIMP (Texture creation):
  2. Notepad++ (Jbeam editing):


You need some knowledge of Blender before beginning.

Download the addon here:
Io mesh jbeam Setup1.jpg
Start blender and press CTRL + ALT + U to access User Preferences
Go to the addon tab and at the bottom press the button "Install from file" (Marked Number 1)
You have to find the zip you download earlier and press "Install"
Normally You will have a screen like this one bellow
Io mesh jbeam Setup2.jpg
Now the plugin is installed but is not loaded. To enable it you have to tick in the square (Number 2)
Don't forget to "Save User Settings"!!!
Recommended but not needed : In the tab "File" at the bottom there is text area for the name of the author. This field is used in both export, DAE export and mine (jbeam).



"Cube" is my 3d mesh (vehicle)
"Cube.jbeam" is the mesh i want to be the jbeam for this vehicle
IO mesh jbeam use1.jpgLike this
The name without .jbeam is the mesh for the one with .jbeam

Export jbeam

The plugin can export many mesh at the same time
For now, You have to selected what object to you want to export
When you want to export you just have to go to File > Export > Export Jbeam v#.#.# (.jbeam)
Select your folder and make sure that no file name
IO mesh jbeam use2.jpg The plugin use the name of selected objects to name the files, if ".jbeam" isn't in the name it's added.

Export DAE

Nothing change here.
You can the dae file with the mesh you used with the jbeam exporter because BeamNG uses flexbody to know what object to use.

Advanced Use


This operator allow you to connecte all selected point with edge.
In BeamNg is use to create Beam with can strengthen your vehicle.
In Edit mode press SPACE and them type "beam"
IO mesh jbeam ause1.jpg IO mesh jbeam ause2.jpg

Advanced exporting or Custom properties

Custom Properties

To add a Custom Properties to an object in Blender you have click on the tab Scene and at the bottum you click on add. IO mesh jbeam aprop.jpg




Name Type Optional Default Value Description
JbeamNodePrefix string Ok 'n' The prefix name of nodes in this jbeam
JbeamSlot string Ok 'main' The name of the slot this jbeam will be in
/!\ Warning: Default is 'main', in case of multiple main in one vehicle folder this can make your computer explode
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